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Developing policies to shrink the justice system’s footprint, improve public health and safety, and promote equity and accountability.

Advancing an agenda to win structural reforms that strengthen the U.S. system and give everyone an equal voice in the democratic process.

Promoting policies to ensure disabled people of color and those most marginalized by ableism and other forms of oppression can participate in the economy and democracy.

Advancing progressive policies that equitably support children, families, and early educators.

Building an equitable economy for all people by developing policy solutions around labor, taxes, infrastructure, and more.

Creating ambitious, equitable climate and conservation policy that protects and improves the health, safety, and prosperity of all communities.

Advancing a progressive vision of religious liberty and partnering with faith communities in support of all CAP’s crosscutting priorities.

Working to reduce gun violence by enacting strong gun laws, increasing investment in local solutions, and growing the movement dedicated to this mission.

Advancing health coverage, health care access and affordability, public health and equity, social determinants of health, and quality and efficiency in health care payment and delivery.

Working to build an affordable and high-quality higher education system that supports economic mobility and racial equity.

Aiming to create a fair, humane, and workable immigration system in the United States through comprehensive data analysis, research, and advocacy.

Developing a new education agenda rooted in the idea of opportunity for all, with equity in access at the center.

Providing timely and strategic research to ensure that LGBTQI+ people achieve full legal and social equality.

Advancing progressive national security policies that are grounded in respect for democratic values: accountability, rule of law, and human rights.

Promoting systemic reforms to dismantle structural racial injustices, give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive, and ensure society benefits from our nation’s diversity.

Exploring the latest changes in technology and how it affects the lives of everyday Americans.

Working to develop, protect, and expand vital policies that alleviate hardship and ensure economic stability for women nationwide.



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