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CAP’s criminal justice team develops policies that shrink the footprint of the criminal justice system, promoting equity and accountability, and providing opportunities for people impacted by a criminal conviction.

CAP’s Democracy and Government Reform team works to ensure that we have a democracy, including our judicial system, that empowers all people.

CAP’s Disability Justice Initiative advocates for the disability community.

CAP’s Early Childhood Policy team values family friendly solutions and works to create and advance progressive policies that equitably support children, families, and early educators.

CAP’s Economic Policy team works to build an equitable economy for all people by developing policy solutions around labor, taxes, infrastructure, and more.

CAP's Energy and Environment team works to create ambitious, equitable climate and conservation policy that protects and improves the health, safety, and prosperity of all communities.

The Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative works to ensure the needs and concerns of religious communities are included in discourse on progressive public policy.

The Intersection is a monthly newsletter uplifting the voices, stories and resources of the gun violence prevention movement.

CAP’s Health team works to develop progressive policies that expand meaningful access to health care services and lower the cost of health care while improving quality. 

CAP's higher education team is dedicated to ensuring that people of all backgrounds in this country can access, afford, and complete high-quality postsecondary credentials.

CAP's immigration team combines research, advocacy, and communications to promote the development of a more fair, humane, and workable immigration and refugee system that keeps families together and builds a stronger, more equitable country.

CAP's K-12 team is committed to developing a new education agenda rooted in the idea of opportunity for all, with equity in access at the center.

The LGBTQ Research and Communications Project works to ensure that LGBTQ people achieve full legal and social equality. 

CAP's National Security and International Policy team is dedicated to advancing a progressive, sustainable nationa security agenda that upholds our democratic values and supports international cooperation and alliances.

CAP's Poverty to Prosperity team centers the principle that poverty is a political choice, not an inevitable outcome. The team works to advance and protect public politices that reduce poverty, ease economic hardship, and provide pathways to economic security. To build and maintain political and public will to support these policies, the Poverty team works to dismantle harmful narratives that stigmatize low-income people and the government safety net programs aimed at alleviating hardship.

CAP's Race and Equity team is committed to pursuing policies that ensure the ability for all Americans to fully participate in our economic, social and civic systems.

CAP’s Technology Policy team explores the latest changes in technology and how it affects the lives of everyday Americans.

The Women's Initiative at CAP develops and promotes progressive policies that enable all women to participate fully in our economy and our society.